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Counselling Provisions for Staff and Students

Staff Counselling

Having been a teacher for 18 years, I know only too well the stresses and strains faced by teachers in the school environment today. I understand the pressures and cannot emphasis strongly enough how much counselling helped me during and after Ofsted visits, along with other personal events. 

Due to budget restraints, counselling is not always available for staff in house. I can see staff within a few days which can significantly improve mental well being and limit staff absence. 

I also offer deep relaxation sessions to improve mental well being.


Student Counselling

Despite the fact that many schools have their own school counsellor, I now work with schools in the area as they find that their waiting lists have become unmanageable and lengthy. Students who are having issues often cannot wait weeks to speak to a qualified counsellor.

Therefore, I can see students within a few days, as early intervention can make a considerable difference to students who are in need of help now.

I am also able to visit schools and talk to groups of students about Mental Health and answer questions students may have about how to improve their resilience and well being in the first instance.


Please email me using the contact page if you are a staff member of a school,  parent or school needing assistance.


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